Wednesday, 16 October 2019

31 Days Of Horror: Day Sixteen

Welcome to "31 Days Of Horror" where each day I'll post up about under-rated Horror characters.

Detective Ray Cameron
Tom Atkins has played many charaters that I would consider to be under rated but I had to go with the one that always entertained me every time I saw him, the character of Detective Ray Cameron.

Every time I watch "Night Of The Creeps" I'm always excited for when his character appears on screen, it's sad how he's on this list as I think he's such a great character that. 'Thrill me'


  1. Definitely! This is one we watched repeatedly in the late '80s, but it's been many years since I last gave it a look.

    While most likely just a steered and cherry-picked bit of conversation from an interview, it was nice to read just a few days ago that Tom Atkins (while out promoting his new movie, TRICK) said that both he and director Fred Dekker would like to do a sequel with all of the original players. He said it was a go-to topic for them every time they see each other.

  2. I heard about that, sadly Dekker said it won't happen