Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ten Years On: Black X-Mas

For this 'Ten Years On' post we take a look back at "Black X-Mas".

If you're familiar with my stuff you'll know I'm a sucker for Holiday themed horror films.

Even though this is a remake and me, and remakes don't usually mix, I thought that this one was actually quite well done. I know, even I was shocked at this realisation, but hey, it's the truth.

I think one of the reasons this remake worked so well was because it doesn't disrespect the original 70's release in anyway, if anything it makes you want to seek it out. Adding cast and nods to the original was especially a nice touch.

Apparently during breaks Mary Elizabeth Winstead would often read message boards and comments on the idea of the original film being remade and be entertained by the hate and outrage, we are a passionate lot us Horror fans.

You can't have a festive Horror without some controversy, the film drew backlash from Christian groups because of the studio's decision to release the film on Christmas Day. Several groups called the film "offensive, ill-founded and insensitive".

Ten years on and "Black X-Mas" hasn't really aged at all, apart from a technological sidepoint, it could be released now and look like it was brand new.


  1. I`ll be blunt: the only reason I own this film is because it`s a remake of one of Bob (Children Shouldn`t Play With Dead Things/The Veteran) Clark`s original 74 flik.
    It was interesting, but I prefer Bob`s original.

  2. I agree the original is better