Monday, 4 April 2016

What's The Point Of Reviewing Old Films?

This is a question I've been asked quite a few times now and I felt the need to talk about it.

I do understand why I get asked this, I mean what is the point of reviewing a film that was released 50 years ago? Well it's a simple answer really.

There are Horror fans old and new and the new fans sometimes need a bit of guidance, I know for a fact I did when I started out. In posting up reviews about old films I hope to do just that for others.

Sure, there are plenty of places to find out about these films but (arrogantly I admit) I like to add my own opinion to it and voice my like or dislike for a certain film.

I've had messages from people who have thanked me for introducing them to certain films, these films have ranged all the way back to the 30's so I carried on doing it.

Now like I said earlier there are plenty of places to find information about these films but it's a nice feeling to know that my small review helped them discover a certain film that could become a new favourite.

Admittedly I also do it for my own selfish reasons (it is my blog) and I love to rave or show my dislike for certain films and I especially love it when I get to show my love for a certain film and get to share that with you all.

For some people they just don't know where to start and reading blogs online like this one can help these people and educate them on under-rated Horror classics and forgotten gems.

I'm sorry this is a short post but as I stated earlier it's a simple answer to a simple question.


  1. Exactly, I mean I was lucky in the sense my mother introduced me to old horrors, I was far too terrified to tackle new horror when I was young. So at seven I was watching old Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff until I was brave enough to sit through something else. By that time I tackled 70's stuff.

    My other half knows most of the oldies too but there's treasures he's not even seen and nor would he ever; and vice versa. If people didn't talk about them they'd get forgotten about, and re-written as some new fangled drivel, so I'm thankful for blogs like this! ^-^

  2. This is exactly what I mean! Thanks for the positive feedback :)