Tuesday, 1 October 2013

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 - Your first horror movie

Halloween (1978)

This film TERRIFIED me as a child, I was about 9 and it had a deep impact on me. Michael Myers haunted my fears for years but it didn't deter me away from Horror films, if anything it kicks-tarted my obsession with the genre. 

When I watch it now the music still creeps me out, I have genuinely had goosebumps whilst watching it. The character of Michael Myers is one that's been copied many times over the years but never bettered, he's an icon for a reason.

Viewing this film was a life changing moment for me and one I still look back on with fond memories, I wish I could be scared as easily as I was back then.

What was your first horror movie?


  1. Probably something black and white--my grandfather used to watch horror movies and rock me to sleep with I was a baby! I watched Jeepers Creepers already today! YAY!!!