Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Omen Curse

There are a few films that have had the 'cursed' tag placed on it over the years, one of them being "The Omen".

There were a lot of near misses, as well as full-fledged tragedies that occurred during and shortly after the production of "The Omen".

One of the first disasters to occur concerned a zoo-keeper who was brought on board to assist with the animals used throughout the film’s production. In a catastrophic turn of events, the zoo-keeper was eventually eaten alive by a lion.

Continuing malady found the studio chartering a plane In Israel to capture aerial shots for the film. But, they ultimately changed planes at the last minute. The plane the studio originally chartered crashed and all on board were killed.  

John Richardson who orchestrated the film’s deaths went on to work on the film "A Bridge Too Far". While working on "A Bridge Too Far" he was involved with a fatal car crash. Richardson survived, but his female passenger-his girlfriend-was reportedly decapitated in a similar fashion to Jennings’ death in The Omen. It is rumoured that after exiting the vehicle, Richardson saw a sign that said the city of Ommen was 66.6 KM away. 

Star Gregory Peck and executive producer Mace Neufeld were both reportedly aboard separate flights that were struck by lightning while they were travelling back and forth from the US to England. Moreover, producer Harvey Bernhard narrowly escaped a lightning bolt that struck down in Rome.  

A hotel Neufeld was staying at during production was bombed by the IRA, as was a restaurant the director and actors were scheduled to eat at. Luckily no one died. In "The Omen", Peck's character eventually has to kill his own son. In real life, Peck's son had just committed suicide, only months before the shooting started. 

A plane scheduled for use in the film, which was rescheduled and used for a commercial flight instead, crashed and killed everyone on board.

Whether the curse is real or not you can't doubt the intriguing and yet saddening facts of the film. But is it pure coincidence or was they're supernatural work at play? We will never really know.

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