Monday, 26 August 2013

Ten Years On: Wrong Turn

For this 'Ten Years On' post we take a look back at "Wrong Turn".

A bunch of people getting lost in the woods and being chased by deformed hill-billies is not exactly an original plot, even back in 2003. But with "Wrong Turn" it's concept was introduced to a younger audience.

I remember seeing the trailer for this film in the cinema, though I can't tell you what film I was there to see (must have been great to not remember it). I really wanted to see it and it stuck in my mind for a very long time. 

I found the film thrilling and entertaining and still look back on it fondly, I know it wasn't the greatest of films but it didn't do what most films of this nature tend to do nowadays and that's be ironic and humorous. It went for the kill and succeeded.

Ten years on and 4 so-so sequels later the franchise shows no signs of stopping with word of a sixth entry being made soon. The series did what I said the first film didn't do and that's start to be a parody, including a prequel where the inbred's were in an asylum (SHOCKER!).

Despite this a-lot of Horror fans still speak fondly of the first film and it has gathered a sizeable fan base over the years, including me. The sequels never did much for me personally, but as a stand alone film it's great.

"Wrong Turn" definitely sparked interest back into this type of film and there has been MANY more made since it's release. just a shame that not many of them are that good.

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