Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Is Horrors Popularity Hurting The Genre?

Our beloved genre is certainly a big trend at the moment, there is no denying that. But is it doing more bad than good?

Over the last few years I've noticed an up-rise in the amount of Horror fans creeping out of the woodwork, it's clear that Horror is huge at the moment and you only have to look at the films and TV shows to see that. All of it really hit me though when I heard that "World War Z" cost around  $200,000,000 to make. Now when was the last time you heard of that amount of money being spent on a Horror movie? ......... Yeah me neither.

Now I don't want you getting the wrong idea, I don't have a problem with Horror becoming popular once again, in-fact I think it's brilliant, but I do have some caution towards it all. Horror films don't exactly have the best reputation when done on such a large scale and budget. for example let me ask you another question, when was the last time you remember a big budget Horror film being any good? Based on the reviews I've heard from "World War Z" it's not exactly great (my favourite one being "World War Z? More like World War Zzzzzzzzzz") although it is now being billed more as an action film with Horror elements.

I have to say though, fair play to Paramount Pictures for having the courage to pump that amount of money into a new film. No it's not exactly original and it's based on a very popular book of the same name but that is no guarantee and in a time where film companies are very cautious with their money and like to stick with remakes for a guaranteed profit, this was a risk.

My big problem with an obscene amount of money being spent on one film is the people it leaves behind. The independent scene is bursting with untapped talent and that amount of money could've made a-lot of great, new, original films and brought attention to the film-makers and actors that deserve it.

I've strayed from my original point though, I asked 'Is Horrors Popularity Hurting The Genre?' and honestly I can't answer it, I'm stuck in the middle. it's an awkward situation where we moan that Horror never gets the recognition it deserves but when it's done on a big scale we moan once again whether it be about CGI, remakes/reboots or lack of actual Horror itself.

TV and film are more different than you think, in my own opinion I feel that Horror TV shows are helping the genre, where as films (I especially mean Hollywood here) aren't. Just look at "American Horror Story" and "The Walking Dead", two of the biggest shows on air at the moment but it is in danger of harming the genre as-well. Once again it's popularity reared it's ugly head and we got "Bates Motel aka Pyscho the TV show" and "Hannibal" with rumours that more Horror films are set to be made into shows. 

There is definitely a very thin line to cross and that line is now a dot to some people. It's like the saying goes - "everything in moderation", if the Horror genre was a person it'd be having a quadruple bypass by now.

Like I said I'm stuck in the middle with this but I do know one thing, it looks like it isn't going to stop and it's going to get bigger.

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