Monday, 1 July 2013

Fear Clinic Needs Your Help!

Do you remember "Fear Clinic"?

For those of you who never saw it, it was a short lived web show, 1 season 5 episodes, that was done by FearNet in 2009. It featured a great cast such as Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Lisa Wilcox and more.

The plot was - 'Five young adults travel to a special clinic run by the infamous Dr. Andover to treat their phobias. One by one their worst fears begin to manifest themselves and intrude into each patient's reality. Is Dr. Andover's cure worse than the disease?'

It was a fantastic show and I often wondered why it was never picked up for TV or even made again. Well, if like me you were a fan of the show then this is your chance for more because you can make "Fear Clinic: The Movie" happen!

Yes that's right a "Fear Clinic" movie! How freakin' awesome would that be?! So lets help make it happen and, well,  if I cant convince you to do so then maybe this lot can.....


To help out, visit the "Fear Clinic : The Movie" Indiegogo page HERE


  1. Oh my god, I am totally sharing this. I hope they get to make this movie...why did they not try kickstarter?
    thank you for the post, Raz!

  2. Maybe Indiegogo made them a deal, you never know what truly goes on behind the scenes. Either way I just hope it gets made!

  3. IndieGoGo is easier to get on. KS must approve your content; and as a film person, I prefer IndieGoGo.

  4. I've heard that from a few people.