Monday, 22 July 2013

2 Year Anniversary Special: What I've Learned So Far

On Saturday I celebrated the 2 year anniversary of this blog so I thought I'd write a bit about what I've learned about the industry so far.

My good friend, Horror artist Lou Rusconi, once said: "Love of all things Horror is a FULL TIME JOB! Don't get involved unless you have the GUTS!" truer words have never been spoken. Before I started this blog I was happy just being a fan of the genre but felt it would be fun if I started a blog to put my opinions and views out there, little did I know it would soon take over my life.

I was like a deer in the headlights at first, I didn't what to do or if my opinion would even matter. I had jumped in the deep end and was lost. I used my contact with the 'Twisted Twins' to score my first interview, it was a-lot of fun and soon I was sending e-mails out left, right and centre asking people in the genre for interviews. Of-course I was very naive as I awaited my reply from Bruce Campbell, but I managed to score a couple of interviews and I was seriously stoked to be talking to these people that I'd seen in some of my favourite films. I've learned that the folks in the independent scene are more open to interviews and actually take time yo give you detailed answers, it's also a great way of helping to promote each other.

As the popularity of the blog grew I had to learn to grow a thick skin and quickly, in this line of work you're putting a target on yourself and some people love nothing better than to take a shot at you. If I'm honest it really affected me at first but my bossman at 'SomeWhatNerdy' (HI CHRIS!) helped me get a handle on it and now I'm able to laugh it off. The hate mail rose once I started doing my "Real Life Horror" segments which is all about serial killers, I was accused of glorifying them and having no sympathy for the victims and the families affected. 

Now I understand that it can be a touchy subject for some people but I am in no way glorifying them, I just have an interest in serial killers, just like many other people do. I'm in no way putting these people on a pedestal just sharing the information of their horrific crimes. I must admit that all the hassle I got about them made me chuckle a little as so many Horror films are based around the actions of some of these maniacs.

One thing that really hit me was how much social media plays a role in today's industry, I knew it was a pretty big deal but not THAT big. Some even take it too serious, for example when I emailed a company (which shall remained unnamed) about doing a review of a film I was told my Twitter account didn't have enough 'followers' too qualify me for a review. I've also heard from actors in the industry who got told they would be great for a role in a film they auditioned for but their twitter/facebook etc didn't have enough 'likes' and the such.

I've even been told by some companies that I have to like such a page, follow an account, share photos etc before they would even consider letting me do a review. Now I understand that the more attention on a film will bring more viewers but so would a good review (that's if it was any good) and then I'd be more than happy to spread the word but not if I haven't seen it, that's just not right.

Now don't get me wrong, not everyone in the business is like that. In-fact a-lot of them are very open and friendly, but these are usually the people I talk to in the independent scene. Once you cross that line things become more about agents, managers etc but with those I got to talk to without all that have been great and forthcoming.

With the independent scene bursting at the seems with amazing talent I've been very privileged to get to know some of these people and can even call some of them my friends. It's not just film-makers but artists, musicians and more, all of them extremely talented and it puzzles me why they don't get the recognition they deserve. Although those who have started gaining more attention I am extremely proud of.

But that is one thing that truly does perplex me, the fact that there is so much talent around yet it gets ignored. It's such a shame but it's the industries loss, luckily with today's technology we are at-least able to see these talented peoples work and help support them when possible.

The Hollywood film industry really does need to be more open minded and learn to take more risks, I've always felt that they've been behind the times when it comes to Horror. They just jump on the bandwagon of what's trending at the time, just look at the amazing films coming out of other countries such as Spain, France and the like and you'll see how unoriginal Hollywood is.

I'll leave it at that, I don't want to bore you to death with my rambling! I'd just like to say thanks for all the support, it's very highly appreciated and I hope I can carry on entertaining you all with my work.

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