Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An Interview With Artist Eric Pigors

I got the chance to interview artist Eric Pigors, here's that interview.

First of all thanks for taking the time to do this.

Q1: How did you get into drawing?

As a kid I just ate up anything with cartoon art on it or in it. I dug old school hand drawn animated cartoons the kind where artist drew them. Plop comics, Wacky Packages , t-shirt art, Mad magazine, stickers, models etc....Then I just drew and drew and I started copying the art from my favorite artists in these comics and magazines until I found my own unique style I call, "Toxictoons".

Q2: Did you get inspiration from any other artists?

Yeah all the artists in "Mad", "EC Comics", Bk Taylor who drew the "Odd Rods Stickers" in the 70's. Tim Burton , Ed Roth, Charles Addams, Kaz so many more!

Q3: What works are you most proud of?

Geez I have so many images now even I get confused looking for files on my computer these days. I like most all of them ,hmmm, thats like asking which one of your 2 headed babies you like better! Hahahaha. I do like Frankenstein and my vamp images a lot, but Halloween I have some faves for sure! It just depends when I am looking at them I guess to pick one.

Q4: Not too long ago you suffered a heart attack, has this affected your work in anyway?

Well maybe just in doing shows, it's a lil' harder to fly out now-a-days to do 3-5 day shows .I get really exhausted! Actually I haven't flown out to do a show since, I get nervous since I did them by myself, the ones I fly to. My wife helps me at the ones I do in California.

Q5.Who are are your favourite Horror actors/actresses?

Herman & Lily Munster and Vampira.

Q6: What were your favourite horror films growing up?

"The Munsters", "The Addams Family" and "Frightenstein" TV Shows are top of my list! I missed out on the horror hosts unfortunately back then. "Frankenstein", "Bride Of Frankenstein", "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" and "Night Of The Living Dead".

Q7: Have you got anything exciting lined up?

Yeah a nice funeral urn filled with Unkle Pigors ashes RIP, hahaha. Well nothing too exciting except on September 1ST which is when my 2013 Halloween Trick or Treat bag specials are released on my site. Until then I am doing new shirts each month all year long .Oh and my, "Fans Book Of Questions" is almost ready to sell. Which has a lot of new art sprinkled with fun, weird questions fans sent me to answer. All will be on my website

Q8: What's your views on the current state of the Horror genre?

There is good and bad, I'm not a huge gore fan. I like horror more with the monsters and spooky graveyards filled with fog which you don't really see that at all. Pretty sick of slasher and torture films, not my cup of poison.

Q9: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Well if you want to be any kind of artist, musician, poet, find your own voice and just enjoy it while you do it.That's all that matters in life.And money isn't everything, yes we do have to pay those nasty bills but just being creative is what I enjoy so much!

Q10: Do you have any last words for anyone reading this?

EECH! Come visit, and see all my creepy spooky art and merchandise I sell.

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