Monday, 25 February 2013

Horror Fans: What Do You Want?!

One thing that drives me crazy is when people complain about Hollywood never making anything original but then ignore original movies in favour of out-stayed franchises, remakes and sequels.

I can't count the amount of times I've heard fans complain about the amount of remakes and lack of originality in today's industry, then turn around and say how they loved the hottest new blockbuster filled with C.G.I. effects, same old story-lines and how "well done" the newest remake is.

Truth is Horror fans have become what we once hated with a passion, critics, and you can never satisfy a critic. Critics are people who will find a fault in any film they watch that isn't their usual taste and instead of just trying to enjoy a film for what it is will be harsh and judge-mental before the intro is over.

Horror fans have always been very vocal about what we like and don't, problem is that many feel their opinion matters most and if you disagree then fuck you. There used to be a time when Horror fans could discuss and debate about various opinions without arguing. With the rise of social networking this has changed and some people have become the so called 'Keyboard Warriors'

Keyboard Warriors are mainly seen as very cowardly as they hide behind their computer screens and will push their opinion no matter what. Even with the advancement of Twitter the cast and crew of a film can receive heckling from people without even seeing their faces or knowing their names. I mean, as much as I have hatred for Michael Bay I don't say anything that I wouldn't say to the man if I came face to face with him (you can trust me on that one).

Talking of Michael Bay, here is a man who can divide Horror fans. For those who love blood, breasts, explosions and little plot then he's the guy for you, for others he's seen as a monster who is savaging classics, flooding the market with his awful films and making millions from it. As much as I despise the man I can see why people are attracted to his work, it is all about the visual and for some that's all they need.

I seem to have wandered from my original statement here..... Like I said Horror fans seem to have become critics and critics are never happy. Truth is that even though fans seem to see this as a bad time for Horror films it's actually not, with Horror now firmly in the mainstream media we have such a wide choice of films to watch.

There is something for everyone, if you love the type films that are full of blood, breasts and beasts then there is an abundance of them out there. If you like a film that makes you think, has plenty of twists, again, there are a bunch of them out there for you. If you like something in-between then again your in luck. Even if you hate the Hollywood Horror scene then look to the thriving indie scene we have at the moment and also foreign films from the likes of Spain, France and more.

In this amazing technological era it is so easy to find great films, the 'word of mouth' has changed but in a good way as someone from the other side of the world can recommend a film, with internet forums, IMDB, Facebook pages etc it doesn't take long to find a recommendation, hell you can even see the trailer in an instant on websites like YouTube and Vimeo to see if it's your thing. Even TV shows have become a great source for Horror entertainment with "American Horror Story", "Walking Dead" and many more.

We have become a crowd of "we want it and we want it now" but you'll find that most of these people won't go looking for films, they'll just take what's handed to them. Yes the market is saturated with a-lot of bad films but In my opinion the bad films make the good ones even better.

Fans need to open their minds a bit more, if you like your classics then they're there for us to watch as many times as we want, just don't expect that in 2013 films like that will still be made in the same way. I love my classics whether it be a black and white or a video nasty but I don't expect them to still be made in the same way in today's industry, times change and you have to accept that.

A big topic at the moment is remakes, If you're not a fan of remakes then don't support them! Don't go to the cinema to see it or buy the DVD, yes it's that simple. If a remake is being made you can't stop it but you can choose to not support it, just ignore it and stick to your original that you love. You have to remember that film making is a business and it's all about the numbers, so if you're an extra bum in the seat or an extra customer purchasing the film then you're helping it. Just think about it and how hypocritical it is.

Horror fans, we know what we want and it's all out there for us, we just need to dig a little deeper for it. I do recommend that you step outside your comfort zone once in a while though as you will miss out on some great films. If you're wondering why I haven't recommended any films for you, well that would take away the point of finding these films yourself.

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