Friday, 9 November 2012

Straight To Video: The Stigma Has Changed

There was once a time when the label 'straight-to-video' was frowned upon, it carried a stigma of being cheap trash. Well times have changed and so has the stigma.

When the Horror genre boomed in the 70's and 80's the market got saturated with cheap, badly made, some even un-watchable movies. This left a stain that is still there to this day on the straight-to-video market. But as I said things are changing, my first piece of evidence, "Dog Soldiers".

Did you know that "Dog Soldiers" was a straight-to-video release, it got cut from a theatrical release as it clashed with another werewolf film, Wes Craven's “Cursed”. Now you can see the studios point of view as Wes Craven is a big name to have attached to any film, but time has told us that "Cursed" is the inferior film of the two, my case in point:

"Dog Soldiers" has become a massive success, with fans demanding a sequel. Whilst "Cursed" has been banished to the bargain bins and is rated as a huge flop. And that's not the only film where this sort of thing has happened in the last few years, yes I'm talking about "Trick 'R Treat".

"Trick 'R Treat" is now considered a Halloween must watch by many Horror fans and gave us the beloved character of 'Sam' who has become an icon in his own right. It's so hard to think why this was bumped from a theatrical release, especially with a-lot of the rubbish we see being advertised these days.

So many other films never got a full theatrical release that have gone on to great success, some even achieving cult status. Films such as: "Feast", "Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon", "Trailer Park Of Terror", "Demonic Toys", "Ginger Snaps", "Hatchet", "Return Of The Living Dead 3", "Midnight Meat Train", "Flight Of The Living Dead", "Frontiere(s)", "2001 Maniacs", "The Perfect Host", "Kill Theory", "The Troll Hunter", "Stake Land", "The Woman", "From Within", "The Shrine", "Babysitter Wanted", "Satans Little Helper", "The Caller", "Midnight Movie", "Attack The Block", "The Children", "Hobo With A Shotgun", "Lake Mungo", "Triangle", "Forget Me Not", "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" and many more.

So next time you see that 'straight-to-video' tag don't turn away from it, it may become your new favourite film and maybe even a future classic, who knows!

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