Monday, 12 November 2012

Creepy Kids Of Horror

Why is it that kids in Horror films terrify us? Is it because kids are seen as a symbol of innocence? Is it because deep down we all fear our children will be murderers? Whatever the reason may be there's no denying that kids in Horror films are terrifying.

Which brings me to this list of what I think are some of the creepiest kids in Horror films. The list is in no particular favourite order, so lets get started! 

Virginia - "Spider Baby"

This classic black and white film still creeps me out to this day and the character of Virginia A.K.A. 'Spiderbaby' still has an eerie presence on screen all these years later.
Dorothy - "Dorothy Mills"

This Irish Horror gave us the very menacing character of 'Dorothy', Jenn Murray played the character perfectly and makes her very disturbing.

Ralphie - "Salem's Lot"

This scene has become infamous due to how many people it chilled to the bone, I'm one of them and like many others I've not been able to look at a window the same way since.

Regan MacNeil - "The Exorcist"

Yes I know, you're not surprised she's on this list and that she shows up on every list like this. But it's for good reason, Regan has terrified millions and continues to do so nearly 30 years later.

Damien - "The Omen"

Another one you won't be surprised to see on the list and again for good reason. Damien's character has terrified soon to be parents worldwide for many, many years. You can't tell me you never checked your child for the '666' mark.

Angela - "Sleepaway Camp"

Angela is not only one of the most frightening characters in film, she's also got a great secret revealed at the end of the film that magnifies her creepiness ten fold.

The Children - "The Village Of The Damned"

The kids in this film have made me very cautious of any child with blonde hair and blue eyes. Easily one of the creepiest bunch of kids in any movie.

Gage - "Pet Semetary"

Gage has to collect first prize for being the cutest child on the list, but he is pure evil. I still cringe at THAT ankle scene no matter how many times I've watched the film.

Malachai - "Children Of The Corn"

Most people would choose 'Isaac' from this film but for some reason I've always found Malachai creepier, I've never been able to put my finger on why.

Henry - "The Good Son"

I never thought that the same kid who was in "Home Alone" would be able to make my skin crawl but his character in this film is very sinister.

Karen - "Night Of The Living Dead"

The moment we see Karen eating away at her dad's corpse is an image that was so shocking it's till talked about today, I'll never forget my jaw hitting the floor when I first saw it.

The Grady Twins - "The Shining"

How can two kids overshadow Jack Nicholson? Well they did and they scared me so much I actually had many nightmares about them for a long time.

Rhoda - "The Bad Seed"

Rhoda's character is one that I measure all creepy kids up-to, to me she's the ultimate disturbing kids character in Horror. Very frightening.

Honourable mentions:

Melissa - "Kill Baby, Kill"

Baby Davis - "It's Alive"

Curtis, Debbie and Steven - "Bloody Birthday"

The Children - "The Children"

Tomas - "The Orphanage"

Santi - "The Devil's Backbone"

The Offspring - "The Brood"

The Shadow Kids - "Them"

The Children - "Who Can Kill A Child?"

Kyra Collins - "The Sixth Sense"

Have I missed some characters? Most probably but these kids truly sent shivers down my spine. Who's your favourite evil child character?


  1. Isaack creepy fucker still scares me!

  2. Isaac is creepy but like I said I've always found Malachai creepier

  3. I think Malachai is creepier just because he's the one doing the actual killing. Isaac just kinda sits back and commands everyone. Even in the 6th sequel he almost cant bring himself to kill someone.

  4. You make a great point there