Wednesday, 3 October 2012

31 Days Of Horror - Day 3: My Best Friend Is A Vampire (1987)

A young student finds himself being transformed to a vampire after a night with an attractive female vampire. First, he does not quite believe it himself, but with the help of a 300 year old teacher and the handbook "Vampirism - A Guide To An Alternative Lifestyle", he finds out that blood does not taste as bad as he expected.

Ah the 80's, such a magical time for all film genres, especially Horror. So many great films got released that a-lot went unnoticed, one of the gems that seemed to fly under the radar was "My Best Friend Is A Vampire".

Now if you're looking for a gory, nude filled Vampire flick then stop reading now. I know this may disappoint some of you but what we have here is a film about supernatural coming-of-age film, yes this is a teen comedy/romance with Horror elements.

Now the reason I'm posting about this film is because I have such fond memories of it, it's in a long line of films of the same vein such as "My Boyfriend's Back", "Once Bitten", "Teen Wolf" and "Fright Night". So you know straight away what you're in for.

This film would be the only Horror themed script from Tab Murphy and it's a shame as he has a great talent for this type of work. Director Jimmy Huston did a fantastic job and makes the film flow at a nice pace that never dulls. The characters are so well written that the cast seem to embrace their roles. Also the casting is filled with stars such as Paul Wilson, Kathy Bates, David Warner and Rene Auberjonois.

Unfortunately this film has become quite hard to find over the years, it only had a limited VHS release and was part of "The Lost Collection" DVD set, hopefully it'll get a proper release one day.

"My Best Friend Is A Vampire" is a great 80's comedy/horror, I still like to give it a viewing every now and then for nostalgic reasons. If you get a chance to watch then do, you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you want to see the "My Best Friend Is A Vampire" trailer then just click on the video below:

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