Monday, 22 October 2012

31 Days Of Horror - Day 22: Little Deaths (2011)

Composed of three disturbingly sensual and terrifying short narratives, unified by the twin themes of sex and death.

I do love a Horror anthology, a mixture of stories and ideas all in one film has always intrigued me. With "Little Deaths" we have a more adult orientated anthology, it's very intelligent and very visual but that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining.

The title "Little deaths" is actually quite clever, it comes from the french 'la petite mort' which is a metaphor for the term 'orgasm'. That sums up this films stories as the entire film is sex and death. The film has 3 stories and we start with "House And Home", this segment is a great introduction of what's ahead for us.

We have a couple who seem like your normal, everyday hard-working people and are very religious. They take in a homeless woman to try and help her out, of-course the charade starts to unravel and we discover there's more to the couple than meets the eye, the same goes for the homeless woman.

The second segment, "Mutant Tool", ramps the creep factor up-to maximum. We're introduced to an ex-prostitute who is trying to stop her bed hopping ways, in a bid to curb her sexual addiction she turns to medication and that's when things get very weird. We get to see what these pills are made out of and it isn't nice, all I'll say the title of the segment is very much an innuendo.

The third and last segment entitled "Bitch" is about another couple, though not as rich or fancy as the first couple. They seem to be going through a rough patch and things soon turn very weird very quickly and as usual we find out there's more to the situation than what we think. This segment was my favourite of the three as to me because not only is it very sadistic, it's also the most realistic.

As I stated the film is very visual but it's also very psychologically driven with many layers of metaphors in each segment, also the film is mentally challenging and can be somewhat disturbing. "Little Deaths" is NOT a film for the weak stomached, easily squeamish or those with a low IQ but if you can stomach it and understand it then you're in for a treat.

If you want to see the "Little Deaths" trailer then just click on the video below:

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