Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How To Watch A Horror Film At Home

A few months back I wrote a piece called "The Worst People To Watch A Horror Film With" (which you can read here), now here's a piece on how to make your viewing pleasure even better.

  • Horror films are filled with twists and turns and you only have chance to FULLY experience everything the movie has to offer. After that, you'll no longer be surprised, thrilled, astounded or excited about it since you've already seen it, your brain will have vague collections of it, do not ruin that one chance.
  • Turn off your phone! Or at-least put it on silent. This is one of the biggest annoyances whilst watching a film and is very disrespectful to those around you. Unless it's for emergency reasons don't touch that phone. 
  • Same goes for laptops/computers, your Facebook, Twitter or whatever you're doing on-line can wait till after the film has finished.

  • We get it, you're scared but you're watching a Horror film so what did you expect?! You've been shocked/scared then fine but don't exaggerate your reaction and draw all the attention away from what may be vital plot points.
  • Don't talk or ask questions! If the film is finished and you want to comment on it or ask questions then that's fine, but not during the film. Just sit back and pay attention and let the story unfold before you.
  • Turn out the lights, not only can this heighten the scare factor but it makes you focus better on the film. If you choose to turn the lights out then maybe lighting some candles can create a great atmosphere.

  • Do not talk along with the movie. If you know what the character is going to say then good for you but for those around you who haven't seen it, it's annoying and ruins it for everyone.
  • Go to the bathroom before the film starts, it's really frustrating when you're in the middle of a film and you have to pause it because someone needs the toilet, unless the movie is REALLY long there's no excuse. Same goes with snacks and drinks
  • Yes it's a sex scene and yes they are breasts, no need to be crude and comment or become a pervert about it, some thoughts just need to stay in your head.

  • Get yourself comfortable before you press the play button, remember viewing a film is supposed to be entertaining and also a way to relax so get in that comfy spot and enjoy.
  • Is the movie boring you? You don't find it scary enough? Fine that's your opinion but you don't have to tell everyone around you, just simply leave the room and let everyone else enjoy the film.
  • If you're watching a Horror film with a group of friends or family then usually it's best to watch a film you've seen, if it's a film you've been dying to see then usually it's best to either watch it alone or with someone who is equally as excited as you, or someone who feels the same as you about watching a film properly.

  • Make sure you close off all noises around you as best as possible. Silence really helps the film have maximum effect So make sure that electrical appliances are off and windows and doors are shut.
  • Despite what you may have heard there is a difference between watching a Horror movie during the day and at night. Night time viewing is the best way to go, the darkness really helps, especially during the winter time.
  • If you're being forced to watch a Horror with people you know that are going to annoy you then follow the rule of watching a film you've seen that you don't mind being interrupted. 

Well there you have it, my thoughts on how to watch a Horror film at home. It may seem drastic but us Horror viewers take our films very seriously. If you feel like I missed something then feel free to comment below.

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