Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Are You A Horror Junkie?

Horror movies, you love them (I'm assuming this because you're reading a Horror blog) but how obsessed how are you? Well lets put that to the test, here are some signs you may be a Horror junkie.

  • You've seen every movie in the Horror section of your local film store and on-line film store
  • You have been to a Horror convention or would really like the chance to.
  • In the event of a zombie outbreak, vampire crisis , or demon infestation you're positive you would know exactly what to do to kill them or at the very least survive
  • It really irritates you when someone says things like - "Oh that Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie was so scary with that Micheal Myers killing everyone!"
  • Your Horror film collection is worth a fortune and outnumbers every other genre film you have
  • It really irritates you when people refer to the movies by the main character. Freddy, Jason, Chucky etc
  • You've spent more money on a rare film even though you could have but many
  • You've seen so much gore that you're now desensitised and find it hard to be scared by a film
  • You watch a Horror film right before bed and not have a nightmare
  • You watch a film that everyone says is really scary and you wonder what all the fuss is about

  • You' see films with titles like "Kids Go To Woods... Kids Get Dead" and are intrigued
  • You have signed Horror memorabilia of the films cast and crew
  • You know how many films are in a Horror franchise
  • You own all the sequels, even if they suck
  • You own Horror merchandise such as t-shirts, figurines etc
  • You start pondering who'll die first and feel excited when you get it right
  • Same as the above but with figuring out the twist/killer
  • You have a movie night either on your own or with friends/family and you always go for Horror films
  • You know the backstory to every Horror killer
  • When people talk badly about horror movies and you look at it gets you angry

  • When Halloween becomes your favourite holiday
  • When you can watch an indie feature and enjoy it and not get bored because it looks cheap
  • You recite one-liners from Horror characters
  • You not only watch the films, you read the books and comics as-well
  • Your fears can be related to Horror movies e.g. You're scared of clowns because of "IT"
  • You get annoyed by C.G.I and start talking about how practical effects are better
  • You understand references to Horror movies in non-Horror movies
  • You can sit through an entire Horror franchise marathon and not get bored
  • You compare every film about possession to "The Exorcist"
  • You get really angry when you hear one of your favourite Horrors is being remade

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