Wednesday, 18 July 2012

World War Z: What The Hell Is Going On?

"World War Z" is one of the most highly anticipated films amongst Zombie fans. Everything seemed to be going fine, with news of the film being small we all just assumed that things were going smoothly. Then news broke out that all was not fine...

News has been leaked that Brad Pitt and Director Marc Foster have had a falling out and are no longer speaking which means they have to use go-betweens to communicate which has slowed down filming drastically. I find this news funny because Brad Pitt reportedly fought tooth and nail to get Marc the job.

The release date for the film has changed so many times that it's become impossible to know when or if the film will be out. One of the main reasons this has happened is because Paramount were not happy with the action sequences or the ending so re-shoots are being done.

The budget has already hit $170 million and is going to rise with the re-shoots. This is a-lot of money for a film that is reportedly circling the drain and I seriously doubt that Paramount are going to let that amount of money slip through their fingers without some return.

One of the big problems on set is that Pitt has final approval on any rewrites, so the director can’t shoot anything until Pitt approves. Well that's just great when Foster & Pitt aren't talking. Reportedly "Lost" executive producer and "Prometheus" scriptwriter Damon Lindelof was brought in to watch the movie and make suggestions to Paramount on what fixes were needed. Problem is that Lindelof said the script needed months of work, not days, something he didn’t have time for, and changes were needed throughout the entire film, not just at the end.

My big problem with this film is not an unusual one for a book-to-film adaption. As you can probably guess it's to do with the change of content between the two. They started shooting before the script was even finished, and the script they're using is drastically different from the popular book., instead of following the long-term aftermath of a global zombie outbreak, they started filming a movie about trying to stop a global outbreak, with a possibly happy ending to boot. Why the hell buy the rights to it and do something completely different?! Did they pay all that money just for the title?

There's no doubting that this film will get released, I don't see Paramount writing off nearly $200 million without any return at all. Problem now is will we see a film that had great potential to be a masterpiece be destroyed by egos, executives and more? Well it wouldn't be the first time.

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