Wednesday, 11 July 2012

An Interview With Film-Maker Christopher Sun

Christopher Sun is the writer/director of the upcoming film "Daddy's Little Girl" which is set to be a controversial film due to it's content of a very taboo subject, paedophilia, so here he explains about his film in his own words and talks about today's Horror scene and more.

Q1: What made you want to make this film?

A very close friend of mine and her best friend were sexually abused and when she told me her story it inspired me to do a film based not only on her story but others from my home town as well. Where I live has some of Australia’s worst crimes/Murders against Children and being a father of 4 I wanted to make a film telling Child/Killers and Pedo’s to PISS OFF!! Lets face it justice systems all over the world protect these sick scumbags, so why not make a film that reminds these pricks that there is people out there that would love to take REVENGE!!

Q2: Where you worried about peoples thoughts on the films material as subjects such as child abuse are still seen as a taboo-ish subject?

Not at all, I mean as artists and film makers people will always bitch about what we do no matter what the subject is. I think Australian film makers play it way to safe and I am definitely not that kind of person. So Yes we will piss a few people off but we will also win many hearts along the way!

Q3: How can people help with "Daddy's Little Girl"?

Just like the page, share the trailer and when the film is released come and watch it. If you love Drama, Suspense and good old fashion Gore this film will truly make you happy, Oh and we destroy a child killer in the process. Gold all around I reckon!!

"D.L.G" Fan Page:

"D.L.G" Trailer:

Q4: What is your view on the Horror scene nowadays?

Remake, Remake, Remake, Handy Cam, Handy Cam, Handy Cam. There is too many people now trying to make hand held films and let’s face it most of them are shit. Remakes can be OK but what’s wrong with being original. Some people have said "D.L.G" is like "7 Days" or "Tortured", I can assure you we are nothing like these films and to be honest "D.L.G" fuckin' destroys them.

Q5: Who are your favourite actors/actresses?

My favourite Actress is a local named Allira Jaques, she played Stacey in "D.L.G" and I feel once America sees her she will get snapped up very soon. Allira is a method Actress and I believe the best up and coming talent in AU!!

Q7: Have you got anything else lined up after "Daddy's Little Girl"?

After "D.L.G" is released we start pre-production on “Charlies Farm” I have been sitting on Charlies for 2 years waiting to for the right time to shoot it. I wanted more experience before I made "C.F.". Charlies will be Australia’s first Iconic Killer like Voorhees, Leather Face and Myers in the USA. We need our own and Charlie Wilson will be him. Charlies is set to be a Franchise with part one and two ready to shoot in 2013/14.

Q8: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

While everyone is sleeping dreaming about making films, keep working, if you want to crack this market WORK YOUR ASS OFF!! Don’t act independent or you will always be Indie. Just go for gold and make shit hot films and push the limits. People are always gonna hate on your films and others will love them, so fuck all the negative people and do what you love!!

Q9: Do you have any last words for anyone reading this?

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