Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Horror Review: Terror Train (1980)

A masked killer targets six college kids responsible for a prank gone wrong years earlier and whom are currently throwing a large New Year's Eve costume party aboard a moving train.

Horror films in the 70's & 80's had a-lot in common, mainly the fact it was the same plot with different characters. That plot was that a prank went wrong and the receiver of the prank is then either deformed, drove insane or both, either way they go on a killing spree to seek revenge.

This film maybe the same as what I've just described, but in my opinion it's easily one of the best for many reasons. One thing I enjoy is the fact there is that there is less gore than the other releases, with more focus on the actual plot it makes for better viewing.

Don't get me wrong, I love gore but I feel that with some films it's used as a filler for a thin plot which is easy to see through. This doesn't mean there isn't blood, oh there's blood! Just not over the top like a-lot of the 80's flicks.

We also see our beloved 'Scream Queen' Jamie Lee Curtis when she was on the rise, being filmed just after her appearance in "Prom Night" this cemented her tag as 'Scream Queen'. Also we see a young-ish David Copperfield playing a magician (what else), he actually does a great job and is very entertaining.

Yes it can be predictable and a bit campy but that doesn't make it bad viewing. If you're not sure then watch it for Jamie Lee Curtis who puts in a great performance.

With a great plot, great cast and great effects you really can't go wrong with this film, it's a great gem of the 80's

If you want to see "Terror Train" trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

  • The observation type passenger car used in the film called the 'Denehotso' is being restored and is now located at the Arizona Railway Musuem in Chandler AZ. 
  • The idea for Terror Train came from a dream that Daniel Grodnikhad. One weekend night after seeing the films "Halloween" and "Silver Streak", Dan woke up and said to his wife, "What do you think about putting Halloween on a train? His wife answered, "That's terrible. He jotted down "Terrible Train" on a piece of paper on his night-stand. In the morning he changed the title to "Terror Train", wrote up 22 pages, and made a deal on it with Sandy Howard's company at 3 in the afternoon. 
  • Jamie Lee Curtis shot this film back to back with the similarly themed slasher film "Prom Night" in late 1979. Both films were shot in Canada; "Prom Night" in Toronto and Terror Train in Montreal. 
  • Filmed aboard actual train cars that were converted to allow space for large camera equipment for the production. 
  • The debut film of director Roger Spottiswoode. 
  • The film's German title is 'Monster im Nacht-Express', which translates to 'Monster on the Night Express Train'. 
  • Derek MacKinnon who played 'Kenny' also played ten other characters, making it eleven in total. 

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