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An Interview With Freeborn's Anthony Brownrigg: Part 1

First of all let me thank you for taking the time to do this :)

Q1) How did you get into the movie industry?

I was more or less born into it actually. My father was a producer/director, and I started working for him on sets at an early age. And being around the studio at 8 years old meant a lot of folks in various departments watching me from time to time, so I got a lot of experience watching editing, lighting, sound design, and pretty much all aspects. 
I was actually fairly fortunate. 

Q2) You seem to be a man of many talents, you've done writing, directing, editing, producing, effects and more, which is your favourite and why?

I would have to say I'm a director first. The over all vision of a project is something that I take very seriously, and its one of my favorite things to do. Working with actors is always fun and challenging, and being involved in every aspect of the process is something I'm used to doing. Secondly, I'd have to say Cinematographer. I love using the camera, I love shooting in general, viewing the world through a lens.

Q3) A big talking point amongst Horror fans is "Freeborn" tell us a little about it

Freeborn is a project that started in 2005 with the help of werewolf fans from all over the world. They helped us set the werewolf mythos for the script, and the story was written by myself, Magil Booth, and Edward Landers. It was on the back burner for a-while when I was working on Red Victoria. Now we've brought it back in a big way, and we're trying to do something unusual, being as we're going to try to crowd-fund the entire film. 1.5Million dollars. It's a lot, but with the fans help and support we're going to make a really good werewolf story with really good werewolves.

Q4) How is "Freeborn" going to differ from any other werewolf movie?

No vampires! And the 2012 version will be a good deal more gritty, and a lot more like a werewolf thriller. We're still avoiding the 'horror' genre with this, and making it more a story of a pack of wolves rather than person X gets bitten by person Y, and then goes and kills humans. There has been a lot of flack lately about how Freeborn has many things in it that Twilight does. THAT is changing. But of course Freeborn came out in 2005 ...before Twilight. Put that in your hat and mail it. But one thing is NO werewolf in Freeborn is going to be identical either in look, or in attitude with any other. Its all a character based thing. Some might be nice, sure, but some will rip your face off because they think it might be funny, or they're just hungry.

Q5) Tell us about the Wolfpack and how they played a part in "Freeborn"

The Pack, as it's known is the result of about 2,400 members joining up with the original message board I set up to ask fans what they wanted to see in a werewolf film. Of all the topics discussed, some horrific, and some funny we've taken the overall perspective and wrapped an original story around it.

Q6) The talk of "Freeborn" has been going on for a very long time now, many people are starting to doubt it's release. What do you have to say to these people?

Im right there with ya! BUT, NOW it's up to all of us. We want it to happen, we want it to happen and be awesome. THAT is why now we're involving everyone, that being.. the world.

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