Sunday, 29 April 2012

Horror Review: Rage (2010)

"Rage" is the story of a man who unknowingly provokes the wrath of a dark, mysterious motorcyclist and must fight for his very life.

When I was first contacted about this film I decided to not research it and try and view it with an open mind, All I knew was that I was about to watch an independently made film. This release came through my door and I set upon watching it, I was immediately surprised to learn that Chris Witherspoon wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film, now that's what I call work ethic.

For the next 85 minutes I was transfixed to my screen. We're introduced to Dennis Twist, a married writer who has been having an affair and has realised he needs to stop as he loves his wife and is feeling guilt ridden for his actions. On his way to break things off he has an encounter with a biker in a car park, it's only a small scene but it's where everything begins.

The film is full of suspense, twists and blood. As you can see by the poster for the film it has won many awards since it's release and deservedly so. It truly makes for an intriguing watch, for the first time in a long time I was actually being shocked and surprised, a truly original film that despite it's budget limitations, grabbed the viewers attention and put us on a roller coaster ride.

One thing I noticed whilst viewing this film was that despite being set in modern day it had a very 80's feel to the film, a very positive feeling as I was starting to scream at the screen, something I only do when watching my football team play, I haven't shouted at the screen whilst viewing a Horror film in years, well not in a good way anyway.

I don't want too give too much away as I found knowing less made for better viewing. I will say that it's a great time to be an indie film-maker with Hollywood turning it's back on the fans of the genre, it's film-makers like Chris Witherspoon that give you hope for the future, I just hope someone takes notice of his talent.

I haven’t seen an independent film of this caliber in quite some time, the acting is solid and the story is brilliant. I HIGHLY recommend this extremely clever movie, just a caution to you though, it's not for the easily offended or the faint of heart.
To see the trailer for "Rage" click here