Sunday, 8 April 2012

The 80's: A Fans Point Of View: Part 5

Q5: What's your view on today's Horror genre compared to the 80s?

Jeff: Well for me that's a multi layered issue. On one hand we are not seeing a lot of new stuff coming out, nothing ground breaking like back then. We have re-makes of all our favs from the 70's and 80's and this just pisses me off. This current generation will not have ANY horror to look back upon and say "Hey. that was ours" because they are re-making my generations stuff! Too many zombie movies these days, too many wimpy vampire movies ("Twilight" anyone?!). On the flip side, I was very impressed in the early 2000's with the outbreak of horror coming from Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea like "Ringu" and "The Eye" (the originals NOT the American remakes) and now the new stuff coming from France and Norway, Sweden etc is really grabbing my attention. "Fritt Vilt" from Norway, "Haute Tension" from France just to name a few have given me hope.....but sadly horror in the USA is just a dud right now, too much C.G.I, not enough practical make up FX ("The Thing" remake is a classic example) and just not enough scares. If not for the Asians and and some of the new wave European stuff, Horror will be in serious trouble in the next decade I think.

Robin: Actually, I'm riding Jeff's coat-tails on this one! I happen to agree 100% on everything he said. Today's horror can't give me that scary little thrill that "Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff did.

Grant: Dammit! I knew I should have replied earlier. Then everyone would agree with me instead of me agreeing with already made statements, hahahaha. Any ways to illustrate a comparison, "Dead Snow" vs. "Trick R Treat", "I Saw The Devil" vs "Paranormal Activity", "The Horde" vs. "Scream 4". Notice there are no results posted? The winners are obvious to me.

Robin: It's ok, Grant. Great minds think alike.

Jeff: "Dead Snow" is great, "I Saw the Devil" is great, "The Horde" is great, although I did enjoy "Trick R Treat" in a cheesy way! I will say although we are over saturated with it, I still get a kick out of found footage movies but NOT the "Paranormal Activity" movies, I hate those, I did like "The Blair Witch Project" (I will still stand by it to the day I die), "The Tunnel" was good, "Noroi: The Curse" was great, but then there are stinkers like the "Paranormal Activity" movies and "Apollo 18".

Robin: I like those too and i stand by "Blair Witch" also. I still love "Alien Abduction: An Incident In Lake County". Been trying to find a dvd of it for years!

Jeff: Ah ha! I'm not the only one likes the Blair Witch then!

Robin: Not at all. I thought the concept was great. I still suggest it when we're looking for something to watch

Jeff: So see, if the concept is good and original like some of these found footage movies and like the ones Grant mentioned thenhorror still has a chance. The effin' Hollywood system needs to stop thinking we want remakes of what we love already. I want Robert Englund's wise ass cracking Freddy and not the guy from "Watchmen" playing Freddy as a humorless wimpy Freddy who did not scare me or make me laugh one bit, other than laugh 'casue it was sooo bad! And now it seems Hollywood is gonna move into the "pre-boot" phace where they say its not a remake, its a prequel, but its also a 'Re-boot' of a franchise, case in point, the recent "The Thing"

Kathy: Jeff said it well

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