Friday, 2 March 2012

The 80's: A Fans Point Of View: Part 2

Here is part 2 of "The 80's: A Fans Point Of View" if you missed part 1 click here 

Q2: You mentioned the release of VHS, what was that like?

Kathy: Wow, that was so exciting! You had the horror world at you fingertips for the first time, it was truly a leap into the modern age. I remember getting my first VHS player and at that time you had to join most movie stores that popped up, the first year was $100.00, steep for the time but I was happy to pay it. The first VHS I bought was "Halloween" (still have it and watch it) then came movies like "I, Madman" and classic "Dracula" etc. VHS was a very important part of my life since I am a movie addict.

Robin: Yes I remember the best way to spend a weekend was to go out to eat then go to the video store and rent a couple of videos. I used to watch them with my kids and they have such good memories that they bought some of the movies on dvd. The first few were "13 Ghosts", "The Pit", "The Gate", and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

Grant: You know I had forgotten how exciting it was to have a sudden movie library at your disposal for the first time! Although, before there was VHS, there was Beta. When I was a teen, me and my friends would get together with 2 VCR's, record what horrors we wanted, and enlarge our collection.

JT: I remember when VHS first came out it was 100 bucks a pop for a movie, so what I did was record them from HBO or whatever, sometimes renting and copying (gulilty as charged!). VHS lead the way to see a lot of stuff that otherwise I could not have seen in the theaters either becasue of age restrictions or did not come to where I lived.

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