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Horror Review: Chillerama (2011)

It's the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and Cecil B. Kaufman has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons. Four films so rare that they have never been exhibited publicly on American soil until this very night!
As stated in a previous post I love my Horror anthology films, so when I heard about this I was very excited. A Horror anthology made by Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan and starring great talents such as Lin Shaye, Richard Riehle, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder and more, could this be the next great Horror anthology alongside "Creepshow"?

Well, no, not from what I witnessed. From what I saw it seemed like a bunch of hormone ridden teenagers got given a bunch of money to make a film. The whole thing is like watching some sort of Horror pornography. We are given 4 segments "Wadzila", "I Was A Teenage Werebear", "The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein" and "Zom B Movie". Also the drive in segments aswell, all filled with sexual tones.

This was clearly evident in the 1st segment titled "Wadzilla", a story about a killer sperm. Yes before the 1st segment we witness a man trying to get oral sex from a corpse but when the sex vibe continues into the first segment you start to get the feeling you're not in for a good time.

That vibe continues throughout the whole 120 minutes of this film, yes 2 hours of innuendos and and sexually toned films, including the drive-in story. To me that's just way too much! It has the feel of if Grindhouse did a Troma film, badly. Now don't get me wrong I find a sexual innuendo as funny as I did when I was 13, but a whole 2 hours of not innuendos but straight up rubbed in your face. The male sex scene in "I Was A Teenage Werebear" for example, is WAY TOO much.

Out of all the segments I'd say the only one I really enjoyed was "The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein", With Joel David Moore playing a hilarious Hitler. I think this was the only enjoyable one probably because it was the only film segment without too much sexual tone, although it is in there.

I don't know, maybe I missed something because I seem to be the only person who didn't enjoy this, maybe I was expecting too much or something different. Either way I know I will never watch this again.

To see the trailer for "Chillerama" click here

Miscellaneous fact about the film:

  • Filming for the Segment 'I Was a Teenage Werebear' was almost shut down due to the location sheriff not approving to the content of the script. 
  • Thomas Dekker was considered for the part of Ricky for the "I Was a Teenage Werebear" segment. 
  • Kristina Klebe and her mother translated the script for "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" segment into German for all the German-speaking cast members. 
  • Joel David Moore learned some German for his role as Adolf Hitler. However, a majority of the lines Hitler says in the film are not German. 
  • The original titles for the "Zom-B-Movie" and "I Was a Teenage Werebear" segments were "Zombie Drive-In" and "I Was a Teenage Vampire." 
  • The segment "I Was a Teenage Werebear" was originally going to take place in a high school, but this location was switched to the beach because shooting in a high school proved to be too expensive. 
  • The black and white opening sequence was shot in two days. 
  • Adam Rifkin did all of his own stunts in the "Wadzilla" segment. 
  • Keith David was originally considered for the role of Cecil B. Kaufman. 
  • The segment "I Was a Teenage Werebear" was shot in five days. 
  • The Kaufman drive-in theater is named after Lloyd Kaufman. 
  • Tim Sullivan replaced another actor at the last minute for the segment "I Was a Teenage Werebear." 
  • The blood in the segment "The Diary of Ann Frankenstein" was really chocolate syrup. 
  • The actors who play the werebears in the segment "I Was a Teenage Werebear" showed up at their auditions wearing leather outfits. 
  • The segment "The Diary of Ann Frankenstein" was shot in four days. 
  • The background plates of New York City for the segment "Wadzilla" were taken at the Universal Studios back lot in California. 
  • The drive-in theater location was an actual working drive-in.

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