Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Worst People To Watch A Horror Film With

We've all experienced it, sat down at home or even the cinema and there's one person who ruins the film for everyone. There are many types of people who ruin it in their own way. Here's a list of those people:

The Prankster

You all know the one. If they've seen the film they'll try to frighten at you at certain points in the film, or they'll try to scare you after the film by jumping out at you.
No matter how old you are, a sex/nudity scene in a film you watch with your parents is just plain awkward and lets face it, Horror has A-LOT of them. Stay clear of this by not watching it with your parents.

The Talker
The talker, come on we all know this one way too well. The person who wont shut up through-out the whole film, making you miss important parts of the film which means you have to either rewind or carry on with no idea what's happening.

The Cruncher
You'll know the sound as someone crunches away on a bag of crisps like Dorito's, you can probably hear the sound in your head as you read this. It becomes more and more annoying as it goes on

The Technology Addict
You're sat there enjoying the film, all of a sudden you see a light, it's someone on their phone, "What you doing?", "Oh I'm just texting/updating my Facebook/Twitter". Or if you're at home and the person you're watching the film with is on the computer and you need to keep rewinding the film because they were distracted........"Are you bored?" "No, I'm really enjoying it" yeah seems like it! 

The Screamer

The person who actually screams when their scared, when someone jumps it's funny, a screamer is just pure annoyance and some say, attention seeking.
The Negative One a.k.a The Critic
If it's not made by a certain director, or it's not from a certain era then this film, according to them, is going to be no good and their's nothing you can do to change their mind so don't even try!

The Queasy One
"I can't look, I can't look...... Is it over yet?" You're watching a Horror film, not a Pixar animation, what else did you expect?! It's a Horror film, that's the whole point!

The Realist
You know the one, the person who can't accept what's happening on screen to be right so they end up arguing with you about the film when you say those words to them that make them go in-to overdrive........."It's just a film"

The Question Master
"SO.... What's going on", "Is he the bad guy?", "What have I seen them in before?", "Why are they doing that?" the list goes on, this has to be one of THE worst people to watch a Horror with. God knows the amount of times I've said "Just watch the film and find out". It's even worse when you're both watching the film for the first time!

The Arguer
The person who shouts at the screen, arguing with the characters, "What are you doing?!", "You dumb bitch/bastard", "no way did they survive that!" etc. Keep those thought's in your head!!! 

The solution to all of this.....................


If you TRULY want to enjoy the film you're watching then there's no better company than you're own. You'll be able to avoid all of the above and only have yourself to blame if you do any of the above.


  1. ahaha You wouldnt want to watch any movies with me than. Im definitely a realist and an arguer. Because of my imagination, I get way too involved in ANY movie or episode I watch, sometimes I have to actually pause the movie and tell myself to calm down XP
    On rare occasions I will get "queasy" but only if I have seen the movie before and I know something that didnt make me feel great is coming. (Anything cute like babies or animals getting mutilated etc) -_-' Any of the pet semetary movies would be the worst to watch with me, just because of this! LOL