Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fears Caused By Horror Films

It's happened to us all, we've watched a film and something inside our head has clicked and you realise you now view something in a completely different way. Or there's the time when you are doing something and your brain will remind you that this happened in a scary movie you saw. Here's a list of some things that people now have a fear of due to Horror films:

Friends, family or a stranger, it doesn't matter in some peoples minds. Horror has shown us the true evil of society and its people and that scares a-lot of people.

Babysitting Alone

Main culprit here, Halloween, a film that terrified babysitters world-wide and still does today.
The Dark

As soon as that light goes out and you're in that dark room alone, your mind begins to race, and you wonder what will grab you....We all do it!
Having A Demon Baby

The Omen, Rosemary's Baby...Both films are enough to freak out any expecting parent and have done to many couples.

The supernatural is dependent on whether you believe in it or not, but even if you don't you can't tell me you've heard a random noise in your house and not freaked out
The Woods

Too many films are at fault for this one, the woods is an all too familiar bad setting for any Horror fan with an imagination.

The exorcist is the main priority in this department, religious or not I've think we've all thought about what it would be like to be possessed by a demon in some form or another.


A river, the sea...water is now a dangerous place for a Horror fan thanks to Jaws and  water monster films.

Under The Bed

Who used to check for the monsters under the bed?.....Hands up, yeah that's what I thought, most of us! Poltergeist was a 2 in 1 for clowns and under the bed monsters.


A-lot of films are the culprit here, with inbred, deformed and deranged hillbillies murdering anyone who comes near them, unlucky for the actual cabin people.


Freddy Kreuger, the man who scared people worldwide,k so much so in-fact that people refused to go to sleep!


Friday The 13th, The Blair Witch Project and more are to blame for this one. Camping is no longer a holiday.


This is a very common one, a-lot of people state Pennywise as the culprit of this fear, and who can blame them!

So what Horror movie gave you a fear of something?

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