Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Where Are They Now?: #3

Recognise this guy?

No? Well he played this character:

Yes that's right, this months "Where are they now?" is on Harvey Stephens AKA "Damien"

Okay, be honest, which parents out there have had a look for that old '666' on their child's head at some point?.....

.....The reason? Well, it was all thanks to lovely little Harvey Stephens who was literally the devil's child in the classic 70s horror, "The Omen".

Stephens was just four years old when he was selected to play Damien Thorn in "The Omen",  it was a role he got by punching director Richard Donner in the testicles when they were auditioning local kids.

He had never done any acting before yet his character has scared millions across the globe and who can forget THAT ending, which was actually a mistake, Stephens was not supposed to smile but he couldn't help it and it was kept in.

Interesting fact: Stephens had his hair dyed from blonde to black to play the role. The studios thought the devil's kid wouldn't have golden locks.

Even though the film spawned sequels, Stephens didn't appear in any, though he did have a very small, non talking role (Which was credited as Tabloid Reporter #3) in the 2006 remake, blink and you'll miss it!

After the success of the the film Stephens parents thought he maybe called up for more parts but alas it never happened, it would be 4 years before he was back on screen, in the TV-Movie "Gauguin The Savage" and then his acting career was over.

Interview footage of Stephens from 1996 was used in the 2005 documentary The Curse of the Omen, a program detailing the supposed eerie coincidences surrounding the making of the film.

Harvey Stephens now works as a property developer in Kent, England, where he also lives with his wife and child. He does appearances on Horror documentaries & is also a regular on the UK horror circuit signing pictures for fans, he also brings the tricycle along with him.

Harvey Stephens Nowadays

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