Friday, 11 November 2011

My Hatred For Censorship

In the Horror genre the word "Censorship" is a dirty word, a word that nobody likes to hear. The BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification) & MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) are enemies to the Horror industry.

The horrors of everyday life are more graphic & disturbing than anything that can be shown on screen. You switch on the news you hear stories of kidnap victims & the terrors they've experienced. You read the paper and will see an article of children being abused. Whatever you read puts images in your head, those images are also worse than anything you will see on screen.

My problem with censorship is as an adult I feel I have the right to make my own decisions, not have a group of people decide for me what is and isn't right. This all started with the Video Nasties epidemic of the 80's, uncensored films getting into the wrong hands and being seen by children. I agree to have a film age rated, but as a parent it should be your responsibility to keep your children away from certain films you don't agree they're mature for.

Take a cinematic release, it'll be edited & censored by MPAA/BBFC, It'll go to a cinema where age guidelines are strict and checked. Then that film will get released uncut on DVD where whilst shops will be strict with age guidelines what's gonna stop a kid from sneaking a peek.

Even our everyday media get's censored, certain stories will not be told as a whole because of it's content or if the government doesn't want you to know about certain stories then you won't hear about them. We are all wrapped in cotton wool.

As an adult, I should have the right to choose what I watch, And as a parent it's you're responsibility to look after your own children's viewings. I'm not suggesting I wanna watch a snuff film or child pornography, I'm saying I have a problem with someone choosing what I can & can't see by people who don't even know me.

     Remember........ CENSORSHIP BREEDS IGNORANCE!!!

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