Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Dream Zombie Film

We've all thought about it, what would make our dream Horror film?, Well this is my dream Zombie film. So lets get started....

George A. Romero
Who else would you want to write a zombie film? George gave us the infamous "Dead" trilogy, he would be my perfect choice for my dream zombie film.

Quentin Tarantino - Director
Can you think of anyone better to direct a George A. Romero zombie flick? The man's a legend in his own right and you can just imagine the way the film would be!

Robert Rodriguez - Producer
With the pairing of Rodriguez and Tarantino you just can't go wrong, there would be blood galore but done with style.

Greg Nicotro & Tom Savini - Special Effects & Make Up

What better effects team could you ask for?!

Well that's the behind the scenes team...Lets go to who's infront of the screen...

Ken Foree
Yes he maybe known best for his part in "Dawn Of The Dead" muttering THAT line, but the mans got serious acting skills and I'd love to see him once agsin fight the un-dead.

Linnea Quigley
Linnea's no stranger to the un-dead and I'd love to see her back on the big screen fighting zombies and dancing around a graveyard.

Ving Rhames

The ultimate bad ass in today's horror genre, he's the guy you call on when muscle is needed and  after his amazing performances as of late in Horror films has afforded him a slot in my dream zombie film.
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle may not be the best actress in the world, but you can't deny the fact she  can kick some serious ass!! She'd be great for the big fight scenes.
Woody Harrelson

Whether or not you liked "Zombieland" you can't deny that his character was  fantastic.  I'd love that character in my film. Time to nut up or shut up!
Samuel L. Jackson

The man is one bad ass mother.... You get the idea! To see him slaying the un-dead would be a dream come true for me. And you know he'd bring some class to the film.
Paris Hilton

Her death scene in the "House Of Wax" rremake just never gets old and as much as it make me sounds like a maniac, I'd love to see her get killed  on screen again ;)

Now what zombies should there be.....
The Slow But Powerful

Zombies like Tarman have always been a favourite,very slow but very powerful, I'd like a mixture of zombies in my film the slow but powerful mixed with.....

The Fighters

The fighters, you know the ones, there quick and intelligent. I'd love to see  different types of zombies in my film. Just like there's different human characters, it'd be a good mix-up.

So there you have it, my dream zombie film....What would your's be?

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