Tuesday, 29 November 2011

An Interview With Indie Star: Kitsie Duncan

Q1: How did you get into acting?

It was something I honestly always wanted to to. I just started with a family first. Once the kids got older I just decided to give it a shot, with total support from the kids and my husband. Sometimes I think the kids think I'm crazy, but they still support it

Q2: You've also been a producer, do you prefer that to acting?

Producing is a LOT of work. It's not something I'm trying to get more jobs doing right now. I only produce for Darkrider Studios (www.darkriderstudios.com) projects, and I like it that way. Right now my career focus is on Acting. I am sure it will chance at some point though.

Q3: You've done your fair share of indie films, what's it like? 

What's it like doing Indie films? Well it's all I know at this point. I have been on my fair share of no budget sets I love it though. It's a group of people getting together on the hopes and dreams that you'll make something amazing, something that will get noticed. It's actually quite amazing!

Q4: What would be your dream film to star in? 

I have heard they are and have been trying to remake Poltergeist, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play the mother role in that. I loved that movie so much as a kid, and still do to this day. And I really love the Dianne character in the movie.

Q5: What is your view on the Horror scene nowadays?

The horror scene right now and all of Hollywood actually is in a major transition stage. I think now is the time where some Indie artists will start getting noticed, and making their way into more main stream spotlights. I think the true talent will make its way out from behind the shadows. I think this is something the internet is a great tool for.

Q6: Who are your favourite actors/actresses?

There are so many talented people out there. I would really have a hard time choosing just one. I do have to say though, I have been watching "American Horror Story" lately, and I am just blown away with Jessica Lange. She oozes grace, and really always has. So right now I would say Jessica.

Q7: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is Just do it. Get on line and start auditioning for indie films, or pick up a camera and do it yourself if you can't find anything. Just follow your heart.

Q8: Do you have any last words for anyone reading this?

You can follow along with my adventure online, on facebook: www.facebook.com/kitsiefans one twitter: www.twitter.com/kitsieduncan or on my website www.kitsieduncan.com. Also I am currently booking acting roles for 2012, please feel free to contact me if you think I may be a good fit for your project.


  1. Another really good interview. any of her movies you recommend checking out?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the interview, check her IMBD, she hasn't done too much but what she has done is great! :)

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