Thursday, 17 November 2011

Icon Of The Month: Tarman

This months icon of the month is Tarman (obviously), one of the most popular characters of the zombie, hell the Horror genre. First appearing in "Return Of The Living Dead" he quickly became a very popular character and even now, after more than 20 years he still held in high esteem  by Horror fans everywhere.

It's funny how he had so little screen time yet made such an impact, the make up of the character is truly, TRULY amazing!! C.G.I. has nothing on this!

Who can forget the infamous line of "BRAINS! Live brains!" I  remember seeing the character for the first time as a child and he TERRIFIED me, it would be years before I watched it again and when I saw him again I was fascinated by the make up and it was easy to see why, as a child, I was scared.

He truly looked so real, I was used to Romero zombies, green faces but still human looking, this was something completely different, which is why I think it did make such an impact.

Played by Allan Trautman, the man who gave life to Tarman, but not just life but his characteristics, the walk, the speed, the fear inducing lines. Trautman, A trained puppeteer & actor, truly was the perfect choice for this character. Just watch the scenes of him in the film and try and think how it could've been better.....Hard isn't it!

He also made a small appearance in "Return Of The Living Dead 2", if you feel he looked different, well he did, a small but significant difference, in R.O.T.L.D. 2 Tarman had a nose.

Tarman will always be praised in the history books of Horror, and he truly deserves it, he is a rarity of a non-main character that made a huge impact and still talked about many years later, he is also finally getting his own figurine, which I see flying off the shelves very quickly.

I truly cannot wait for this figurine and it's great to see the character getting the sort of recognition it deserves. If you haven't seen "Return Of The Living Dead" then watch it, if you don't fancy that then Youtube Tarman and see what the fuss is about :)

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