Saturday, 19 November 2011

Horror Review: Blokes Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2011

As you may remember back in September I did a review of  "Blokes Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2010" and I also said I couldn't wait till the newest edition came out, well here it is and it's great! 

Featuring artwork from the likes of Mike Hoffman, Lou Rusconi, Jason Miller & many more you just can't fault the talent on show here. 

"Blokes Tomb Of Horror" is fastly gathering a cult following and for good reason, its drawn and wrote by people who love the Horror genre themselves and you can feel it when you're reading it.

Jason "Bloke" Crawley is a truly talented man, once again writing all the stories himself which is not as easy as it sounds. Also the idea of gathering different artists for each story is also a great idea, shedding different lights on each story so it never becomes boring, even though none of the stories themselves are boring it is a bold move that truly worked wonders.

With 11 different stories spreading across around a 100 pages it's not too short or too long and great value for money (costing $14.99) you really can't go wrong.

There is no shortage of talent in the world and it truly is great to see each artist being given a great opportunity to showcase their work and you feel their drawing for their lives with each page. I truly recommend it to anyone who likes Horror shorts & Horror comics, it truly is a great graphic novel!

If you would like to purchase "Blokes Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2011" please click here

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