Thursday, 20 October 2011

Horror Movie Cliches That I'm Sick Of Seeing

Nobody likes a cliché, trouble is, is that Horror films are filled with them. Here's most of the Horror cliché's I'm sick of seeing:

Doll heads

Okay, we get it, doll heads are creepy! But I can't imagine an adult serial killer sitting around playing with dolls.

Where's the body gone?

"I swear the body was here ten seconds ago, I shot him 12 times in the head & chest!" We all know this one all too well.

Mirrors and doors

Open a door, open a medicine cabinet etc, close it, OH THERE'S THE KILLER! Same with jumping through the mirror.

Excessive bravery

Did you hear that? there's strange noises coming from the upstairs of the house we're trespassing on! Shall we investigate?

Token Minority

Whether it's black, Asian etc, the world isn't filled with white people from USA or UK. There are many other nationalities, is it really so hard to believe?

The victim who doesn't fight back

Thats right Mr. Killer, I'm just gonna stand here and scream until you kill me! Either get running or grab the nearest thing you can hot them with then run.

The fall down

I'm gonna run away from you but as soon as I get a little bit ahead of you I'm gonna trip over! this has been seriously over done! 

The kill tease

So you've killed all my friends pretty quickly and painfully, you've finally caught me, I'm the only one left so what you gonna do? What's that? Your just gonna throw me across the room? Oh okay

The turned love one

That is not your husband/father/wife/mother/sister/brother etc anymore! They're trying yo kill you? KILL THEM FIRST!!!!

The chair scare

Hello, are you okay? ....... hey!! OH my god they're dead, or it's the killer.... Seriously over used!

Dead body reaction

There's always 1 in a group who is sick from seeing a dead body, if its been brutally disfigured and their guts are hanging out fine, but just a dead body, really?

He's behind you!

Okay, so I'm gonna make it easier for the killer and walk backwards, straight into them. It's like a play...HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!

Teens at make-out point 

Isn't this beautiful, a great view, ooooohhh what's that? Oh its just the killer, it's okay just let me unbutton your top before we die.....

Well that's my run-down of some of the Horror Movie cliché's I'm sick of seeing, I could go on forever. 

What Horror Movie cliché's are you sick of seeing?


  1. I agree with all of the ones that you posted. one i get tired of is the one guy/girl who don't want to believe what's going on no matter how much evidence their is.

    or the tough guy who wants to try to take on the killer because their so tough but gets killed in like two seconds.

  2. Both good ones there, one that I missed out was no-one saying goodbye when they hang up the phone