Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Where are they now? #1

Do you recognise this face?:

No? well, what about now?:

Yes, this is a story on "The Exorcist" star Linda Blair, the girl who showed so much promise and was ready for a career as a Scream Queen. But where is she now?

Well lets start at the begining...

Blair was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Westport, Connecticut. She began her career as a six-year-old child model and started acting with a regular role on the short-lived Hidden Faces in 1968. Her first film role was in 1971's The Sporting Club. Blair was selected from a field of 600 applicants for her most notable role as Regan in The Exorcist. The role earned her a Golden Globe and People's Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as an Academy Award nomination. She reprised her role in the 1977 sequel, Exorcist II: The Heretic. 

Linda Blair with her Golden Globe
As the 1970s closed, she started to land good, demanding roles for which she was prepared, and stepped into the fast lane, for which she was not prepared. Blair encountered trouble as she was arrested and charged with drug possession and conspiracy to sell drugs: after trial, she was found not guilty of possession, but guilty of conspiracy to sell, leading her to get a reduced sentence of three years' probation. Though she tried to act in film, Blair found it hard to restart her screen career and landed low grade films in the '80s and beyond. As she herself said in an interview, her career "went down faster than the Titanic".

During the time her career was spiralling downwards she became a topless model posing for top shelf magazines, that career turn was also short lived.

Linda Blair disappeared for a few years, returning to our screens in numerous films, including the 1990 Exorcist spoof, "Repossessed", and a cameo role in 1996's "Scream", She also hosted Fox Family's "Scariest Places On Earth."

More recently, Blair has become an animal rights activist and humanitarian, working with PETA, Feed The Children and Variety. Blair also devotes time to her non-profit organisation, the "Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation", which works to rescue abused, neglected and mistreated animals. She is a also vegan, and has co-authored the book "Going Vegan!"

In 2008 she was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her work in the horror genre & turned up in person to receive it.

She appeared in the 2009 documentary "Confessions of a Teenage Vigilante", discussing her role as Brenda in 1984's "Savage Streets". The documentary is included as a bonus feature on the 2009 DVD release of the film. In late 2010 it was announced that Blair is in talks to return to horror films for the upcoming "Cousin Sarah".

I personally would love to see Linda Blair return to our screen's! She has always had talent and I think Horror fans worldwide would agree with me when I say that the Horror genre would welcome her back with open arms.

Linda Blair Nowadays 

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