Friday, 16 September 2011

Universal Disrespects Moustapha Akkad

Anybody who know's anything about the "Halloween" franchise will know the name Moustapha Akkad. He alongside John Carpenter and Debra Hill brought us our much beloved Michael Myers.

Now it seem's that Universal have decided to take away his credit for bringing us a much beloved sequel, "Halloween II" 

This is the way "Halloween II" opened for 30 years, Until Universal thought they'd take away a dead man's credit 

"Halloween" fans worldwide are currently in uproar over this, and I am one of them! Universal couldn't even bother to try and merge it in un-noticed by keeping the same font of the films credits.

This is what Universal have replaced Akkad's credit with, notice the change in font
Akkad's son, Malek Akkad, has spoken on behalf of his deceased father, his statement reads:

“I am very disappointed that anyone would remove any filmmaker’s credit posthumously, Obviously this is more personal as it is my father, but this would hold true for anyone who worked on the film, down to the caterer. It has been that way for 30years and for them to change it now after his death is shameful.”

I can imagine Akkad turning in his grave over this and I'm sure if he was still with us he'd have something to say about it. I mean imagine them trying to take Spielberg's credit off "Jaws", Craven's credit off "Elm Street" 

Universal I suggest you recall them and get it sorted or your going to have alot of Horror fans knocking at your door!

Malek has set up a Facebook page, asking fans to boycott the Blu-Ray release, the page can be viewed here

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