Monday, 26 September 2011

Are There Any Scares Left?

When was the last time you were watching a Horror film and you watched it through you'r fingers? Just had to look away? Or even had a nightmare after watching one?!.................Cant remember?... No?... Me neither!

Have you noticed yourself watching a Horror film and you've thought to yourself "This reminds me of such a film" or "They just ripped off such a film"?....Yeah?... Same here!

We seem to live in an age where there is little imagination and originality, which is a worrying thought for the future of the Horror genre. YES it will always be around, but in what state? Long gone are the days of people fainting in the cinema or even people being scared once they get home. 

Just watch this video of the audience reaction to the classic "Halloween" from 1979 and tell me the last time you witnessed something like it:

Or even mass hysteria like this from when "The Exorcist" came out in 1973:

The truth is the Horror genre is in a stale state, it's certainly in need of a good kick up the ass!!! Studios are playing it too safe, writers are losing their edge, and film-makers are getting lazy! 

There's a bright side to it, it's not all negative! People like Adam Green, James Wan & Neil Marshall are producing great films, but people with their talents are few and far between. Its also a shame that people like Michael Bay and Uwe Boll are given huge budgets and huge advertisement and the talented ones are left behind. 

There is always hope, and I hope someone comes along and gets things going, one person can make a difference! they are out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered. 





And to fans: Be patient and support our beloved genre in these dire times, Support the independent scene where they need our help more than ever ....... and we will get scared again! >;)

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