Friday, 30 September 2011

Horror Review: The Stuff (1985)

A delicious mysterious goo that oozes from the Earth is marketed as the newest dessert sensation. But the sugary treat rots more than teeth when zombie-like snackers begin infesting the world.

"The Stuff" is a 1985 Horror film by Larry Cohen (Of "It's Alive" fame). It's in the same vein of "The Blob" except that this blob is a tasty desert found growing in the ground. Sure this film will never have won an oscar, but as silly Horror films go this is up there with the best. if you want an good laugh with your Horror then this film is for you! Full of great death scenes and surprisingly good acting "The Stuff" truly delivers!

A low calorie desert found in the ground quickly becomes the newest trend food all across America, not that they know where it comes from. One boy soon realises that The Stuff isn't normal and refuses to eat it, much to his family's dismay, but then he soon realises what The Stuff is actually doing to people and goes on a mission to stop it. 

It is also quite surprising how this film is still so low key, if you haven't seen it then give it a go, I'll tell you, you wont be disappointed, especially if you like your B-Movies. The script is truly great and so is the death scenes, but truly the interaction between the main characters is fantastic.

I was quite surprised myself when I first watched it, by the end I had just fallen in love with it, bit that's the great thing about films like these, if done properly their hard not to love! So yes, I truly recommend this film...It truly is a treat ;) (Sorry for the bad pun, couldn't help myself).

To see the trailer for "The Stuff" click here

Miscellaneous facts about the film 

  • Some of the substance props or stand-ins for the real Stuff used in the movie included lots of Häagen Däzs ice-cream, yoghurt, and, for one scene involving an enormous avalanche-like effect of Stuff crashing though a wall, fire-extinguishing foam. Other shots, such as the ones of the giant lake of Stuff required superimposed images and animation.
  • The scene in the motel where the Stuff comes out of the mattress and pillows and attacks the man on the wall and ceiling was shot in a room that could turn upside down, allowing the Stuff to move up and down the wall. It was exactly the same room used in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" when Johnny Depp's character Glen is sucked into his bed and his blood is regurgitated back out onto the ceiling.


  1. lol. Sound awesome. Another one to add to my list. Whoever thought the idea up needs an award. Super creative, at least it sounds so to me. Look out for killer yoghurt. lol, l'm lame I know. It made me feel good just reading review and I was having a pretty rotten day.

  2. Well I'm glad it brightened your day :) Hope you enjoy the film when you get chance to see it!