Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Horror Review: Blokes Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2010

Well, this is usually where I write my film reviews, but with "Blokes Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2011" being released soon I thought I'd review last years graphic novel.

"Blokes Tomb Of Horror" is an 8 story anthology filled with some of the best art I have seen. The stories maybe short but VERY entertaining! If you like Horror comics then you will LOVE this!

My favourite story was "Portrait Of Death", Lou Rusconi is such an under-rated artist, he makes the story leap off the pages and is so in your face it's unreal. 

BUT that doesn't mean the other stories aren't any good, they're all great in their own ways, a great mixture of different stories, from aliens to werewolves to bugs, it's very hard to put down once you start reading it and at $10 (£16 including shipping) for over a 100 pages you can't go wrong!

I whole heartedly recommend it, it's just so entertaining, you will not be disappointed! And it's great to see some of the great underground artists get some recognition. Also Jason "Bloke" Crawley wrote all the stories himself and he is one talented writer, don't believe me? then buy it and read it for yourself! 

I cant wait for this years issue.

To purchase your copy of this wonderful graphic novel click here

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