Tuesday, 2 August 2011

VHS Horror

VHS maybe dead to companies across the globe when it comes to technology but at any second hand store or market stall you'll always find an avid Horror fan routing through the VHS section.
Why is it us Horror fans love our VHS? Is it just pure nostalgia? In a way yes it is.....Let me explain.....

There was a time when you picked a Horror film based on the awesome artwork, yes nine times out of ten it wasn't what you expected, but that 1 you'd find would become your new favourite Horror, you'd tell all your friends about it and most probably go out and buy it and have a night in with these friends to share it with them.

The fact is you just don't get great movie covers any-more, which is a shame, its all photo shopped nonsense nowadays, but for us VHS Horror fan's, we'll never forget them & we still love them.


For a great visual history of VHS click here

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