Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An Interview With B-Movie "Scream Queen" Sarah French

I got the chance to interview B-Movie "Scream Queen" Sarah French, here's that interview

First of all thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this :)

Thanks for having me.

 Q1: You were a model before you became an actress, was it a hard transition to make?

It really wasn't. Modeling and acting go hand in hand. You're in front of a camera, whether its film or digital and you're portraying a character. It was an easy transition. The only difficult part, at first, was memorizing lines, haha.

Q2: You've done over 30 films since 2007, 30 films in 4 years, that's quite an achievement! How do you manage it?

I honestly love it. I had so much fun on my very first film, 'Pajama Party Massacre', I knew I was destined to do more. I sought out more work from that day on. Minnesota, where I'm from, has a descent sized film community and it became quite easy to find work. Also, soon after I started out, I got a good amount of work outside of Minnesota too. Its really all over.

Q3: If you had to pick a favourite, which would it be?

Like I've said before, having to pick a favorite is like picking your favorite kid. They're all special in there own way. 

Q4: What's your view on the Horror scene today?

The horror scene is the biggest its ever been, if you ask me. So many people are dedicated and love the genre. What makes it even better are the conventions. They're a dream come true for your horror fans out there. You get to mingle with fellow fans of the genre, meet your favorite idols that you grew up watching, buy tons of cool shit. Its a very dedicated genre out of all of them if you ask me and its only growing bigger.

Q5: You've dropped the name "Scarlet Salem" for future work, any reason why?

Well, when I started modeling my photographer suggested I find myself a 'stage name' to help stand out and its safer that way. So, I came up with Scarlet Salem. Catchy and horror related. When I got into film, I thought it would be better if I just stuck with that name. I've always been on the edge on whether I wanted to keep that name or go with my birth name, just ask my friends. They never knew what to call me, haha. Especially at conventions and things they would always be worried slipping up and calling me Sarah. What finally pushed me to go with Sarah, was Facebook. They contacted me one day and said if I don't use my birth name they would shut my site down, cause I had Scarlet up. How they even knew was beyond me, but it actually worked out to my advantage in the end. Scarlet's a great scream queen name, but I want more than that. I love all genres, not just horror, and I want everyone to know that. Besides horror films, I've done comedy, action, and drama. The more variety the better. Yes, I'm a huge horror fan and will always be, but I want to keep the door open to other opportunities as well.

Q6: You worked with Elske McCain & Rachel Grubb on "Strip Club Slasher" how was it working with 2 fellow scream queens?

It was good to be in a movie with the two of them again. I did a handful of films with the both of them in the past, so it was good to all get back together to film with each other. I unfortunately didn't have any scenes with Elske, she shot a different time, but Rachel and I have a bunch of scenes together. We always have fun. Whether its in front of the camera or behind the scenes. 

Q7: What have you got planned for us horror fans in the future?

I have a lot of things planned! For starters, I have a handful of conventions coming up... Horror Realm Pittsburgh in Sept., Rock and Shock Massachusetts in October, and Crypticon Minneapolis in November. In between those, I have a few films lined up as well. You can follow them all by visiting my website at

Q8: Have you got any advice for anyone following in your footsteps?

Follow your dreams and never give up. If something doesn't work out, pick yourself up and keep trying. Plus, always have a back up plan, because unfortunately in this industry, nothing is ever 100%. Just make sure you understand that.

Q9: Got any final words for anyone reading this?

Keep your eyes peeled for more of me coming up. I've only just begun!

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