Thursday, 25 August 2011

An Interview With Jonathan Tiersten

I got the chance to interview "Sleepaway Camp" star Jonathan Tiersten, here's that interview.

Q1: Lets start with the role you're well known for, "Ricky" in the cult classic "Sleepaway Camp", tell me about your experience acting in a Horror film at a young age?

At that time it was the greatest experience of my life. Better than sex. Better than winning the county wrestling tournament! Better than cutting school!

Q2: You returned to the role of Ricky for 2008's "Return to Sleepaway Camp" it ignored the 2 sequels, what's your thoughts on the sequels?

That's Hollywood. I never really got the straight dope on why the sequels were made. I was not contacted and I have never watched them.

Q3: You left acting for a career in music, was that a hard decision?

It was. I was very confused as to what I wanted my life to be about. I would never mention Sleepaway Camp. I hated that that was what I was known for. I really plunged myself into being a musician. In retrospect it all worked out.

Q4: How is the music career treating you?

Things have been fantastic of late. I have an east coast tour coming up. I wrote the theme song to 'The Perfect House'. I have been getting amazing reviews on my new album, Well See. I also have been in a good writing groove.

Q5: You're returning to acting again with 2 upcoming films "The Perfect House" and "Redemption", what can we expect from these 2 features?

The Perfect House is a horror anthology that takes place over 50 years or so. I play a psychopathic killer who keeps his victims in the basement. John Doesy is a character I enjoyed immensely. He tortures people both physically and emotionally but he does it all with a sense of panache and humor. It was an unbelievable role. I am very lucky it was my first role back.

Felissa Rose also stars and it is the first movie we have done together outside of the Sleepaway Camp franchise. I hope we do more. She is a great actress.

Redemption is a psychological thriller. I play a sexual predator named Manuel Estefan. I got to do a great chase and fight scene. I also acted opposite George Loros (Buffalo Ray Curto from The Sopranos). He is an awesome guy and I learned a lot by watching him. It also stars Meredith Ostrom from Love Actually and Calendar Girl.

Q6: Does it bother you that people mainly known you for a film made in 1983?

Not anymore. It did when I was younger. Now it opens doors for me to show what I can do now. Nothing wrong with that!

Q7: For a while now rumours have been flying around on "Sleepaway Camp Reunion" any news for us?

Nothing specific, but when Felissa and I showed up together at The Nuart Theatre in LA last month for a screening (sold out) that was the number one question. The executive producer of Return was there and he said there will be a Reunion. I think after The Perfect House comes out there will be even more demand.

Q8: Any final words for anyone reading this?

Just to try and be true to yourself. Especially in this business that can be hard.

Oh and I am going to be producing a couple of new films. One is a drama called 'Good Ol Boy' with a score from Andy Summers of The Police. The other is called 'Free Ride' and is narrated by ski movie legend Warren Miller. Please check my website for tour, acting and producing info.

Jonathan & Felissa in "Sleepaway Camp"

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