Saturday, 6 August 2011

Icon Of The Month: Ashley J. "Ash" Williams

I'm going to start off my new addition to my blog, "Icon of the month", with one of my all time favourite's, our own dear Ash who is the main character of the Evil Dead Trilogy played by Bruce Campbell.

Here's a short run down of the trliogy, one-by-one:

We first met Ash in the original video nasty "Evil Dead" which was released in 1981. It's a film where all the foundations are layed for our beloved hero. We see the powers the Necronomicon (book of the dead) holds, we see our first "deadites" & we see Ash 's iconic chainsaw.

"Evil Dead II" is basically a remake of "Evil Dead", it was released 6 year's after the original film (1987). In this film we see Ash and his girlfriend go to the cabin and once again we meet the Necronomicon. This film has more comedy in it than the original & we start to hear the infamous one liners. Who can forget the laughing room scene!!

"Army Of Darkness" or "Evil Dead 3" was released in 1992. It continues from where "Evil Dead 2" left off. We see Ash, thrown back in time (1300 A.D.), He must go to battle with the Necronomicon to return home. This film is full of fantastic Ash one liners, we also see a great change in his personality. It's more of a comedy film than a horror, but none the less, it's still Ash battling the "deadites" and there's some amazing kill scene's. The film has two ending's, I myself prefer the alternative, but still this film made Ash the hero we love today!

Whether you love him or hate him, Ash has become a pop culture icon, he's got comic books, video games, figurines, t-shirts...The lot! Bruce Campbell performed him so brilliantly that you can't imagine anyone else in Ash's shoes but him. It's a cult classic trilogy & you will always see at least one person dressed as Ash, whether it's for Halloween or a convention. He's a character that we will still love in the years to come! 

Hail to the king, baby!

*At the time of writing this a remake of "Evil Dead" is in production

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