Monday, 15 August 2011

3D - Is It Here To Stay?

There was a time when 3D was a cheap gimmick to lure audiences in to see a film in a weakening franchise, a cheap gimmick that worked. The chance to see a Horror film partly in 3D was a huge draw in the late 80's/early 90's. Everyone knew it was a gimmick, they didn't expect much from the film, they just looked forward to the 3D moment's and we were happy with that.

Over the last few years 3D has become more than a gimmick, it has become a big, big draw for audiences with whole films being filmed in 3D, now you can even buy 3D TVs that come with 3D glasses.  

My problem with 3D is it has gone out of control, it seems to be here to stay. I don't wanna sit at home, trying to relax with a good film and have to sit there with glasses on. To me 3D IS a gimmick and should be kept in the cinemas, it doesn't belong in the home, it IS a gimmick. 3D to me just screams "WEAK STORYLINE" so they draw your attention away from that with the use of 3D it's a trend and trends pass. The problem is, what will be next?


  1. The problem with 3D at the moment is the glasses issue... I wear glasses and its impossible to feel comfortable watching a 3D movie...

    Companies are trying to build it into TV sets at the moment but they are hitting a wall at every turn, the latest issue being the angle at which the viewer is sitting when they watch the movie, unless they're directly in front of the TV set they just get the image slices (similar to if they weren't wearing glasses at all)

    I think they should skip 3D at go straight for Holographic technology - is it just me watching too much Star Trek? xD

  2. Hahaha maybe you are. I do agree with you as someone who has to wear glasses to watch films aswell, it is VERY uncomfortable!

  3. What we need to remember is technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, 3D as we know it now will be short-lived, I understand that the major players in T. V technology are working on systems that will not require us to wear glasses to enjoy 3D. The next big step is virtual T. V which will literally bring the movies out of the television and be projected into our living rooms, a sort of surround vision affair, we will be able to watch the images from any angle and even walk through the images without interrupting the transmission, the future of movies is very exciting folks.

  4. It is, but you also have to understand these technological advances are also YEARS away