Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Horror Review: Popcorn (1991)

A group of teenagers preparing an old horror movie show in an abandoned theatre discover a recording made by an actual murderer who died long ago. Very soon a shadowy figure resembling the killer starts stalking them one by one...
This film is about a group of film student's & there teacher who are sick of getting the shaft budget wise, so they put on a Horror movie marathon featuring the triple feature "Mosquito" (in 3D), "The Stench" (in Odorama) and "The Electrified Man" (in Shock-O-Rama) with all of the original 1950′s gimmicks included, to try to raise money for there department.

Whilst watching this vaguely unknown film (It should be more well known in my opinion) it's easy to see the films it has influenced, such as "Scream" & "Midnight Movie". It's a very entertaining film, full of great plot twists, fantastic actors (including Dee wallace, Jill Schoelen & Tony Roberts) and effect's to die for!

This is a completely by-the-book slasher movie, no doubt about that, but when it's done as-well as this you end up with a fantastically entertaining slasher movie.The 3 made-up 1950′s movies that they had playing at the theatre were hilarious, and you feel part of the crowd most of the time. Yes it can be cheesy but what slasher isn't?! But it just works so well, I thoroughly recommend it! 

This movie was actually released on DVD in 2001 but is now discontinued, it is very hard to find and if you do find it, it isn't cheap (Some copies can go for over $100) but there is hope! Video Nasty productions is in the process of filming a documentary with some of the original cast members. The plan is to include their documentary on Popcorn’s re-released DVD. Besides the movie and documentary, this “ultimate fan edition” DVD will come with a cast commentary, a collector’s booklet and a poster. It's set to be released on March 23, 2012. Go to for more info.

To see the "Popcorn" movie trailer click here.

Miscellaneous Facts About The Film:

  • The reason that the teenagers listen only to reggae music is that this film was actually shot in Jamaica. 
  • The "Dreamland Theatre" shown in the film is actually The Ward Theatre in Kingston, Jamaica. 
  • The title "Popcorn" was linked to an element in the story. This element was removed before the final cut. The producers and distributor liked the title so it was kept. 
  • This was such a box office disappointment in the United States that in many markets it bypassed first run cinemas and was booked directly into second run/discount cinemas. 
  • After three weeks of shooting, Amy O'Neill was replaced by Jill Schoelen. 
  • Director Alan Ormsby was replaced after three weeks of principal photography by Mark Herrier. 
  • The character of "Lanvard Gates" was very loosely inspired by eccentric Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins. 
  • Some of the movies advertised in the theatre lobby are The Tingler, The Incredible Melting Man and Sólo con tu pareja.

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