Thursday, 21 July 2011

Children's Horror: Where's It Gone?

Whilst watching the TV on a night of babysitting, I had a sudden realisation....There's no "Horror" cartoons or family friendly horror shows any more.

I started thinking about programme's I used to watch as a child, thing's like "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?", "AAAHH!! Real Monsters" , "The Munster's", "Trap Door", Even cartoon versions of "Addams Family" & "Beetlejuice". They may not have been scary but the Horror element's were there. It was like a kid's introduction to Horror, or even Horror entertainment for kids! Even ghost story books like Goosebumps, you just don't see them around anymore. Same with family friendly Horror films like " Goosebumps ".

Nowadays it's all brightly coloured children's programme's that give you a migraine within 30 seconds of watching it, or kids running around high on E-numbers.

All of this saddened me, it's such a shame really. I remember loving a-lot of these shows as a child, I even remember getting quite scared at "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" sometimes.

They will never know what there missing out on and really it is a damn shame!


  1. I miss "Bump in the Night". After seeing that, I was afraid to give socks to my closet, and I would always look in my toilet. xD

  2. Lol we all had great memories of kids Horror shows